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Hardware stairs refer to the various components and fixtures used in constructing and installing stairs in a building. Some common hardware items include handrails, balusters, newels, treads, risers, and hardware fasteners. These components can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, metal, or glass, and come in a range of styles and designs to suit different decorating tastes and building requirements. Handrails are an essential safety feature for stairs, providing support and stability for those using the stairs. Balusters, which are the vertical posts that support the handrail, can be simple or decorative, adding both form and function to the stairs. Newels are the large, vertical posts that provide additional support and stability to the handrail, while treads and risers form the surface of each step. In addition to these structural components, hardware fasteners such as screws, brackets, and hinges are also important for securely attaching the hardware items to the staircase structure. The type and size of hardware fasteners will depend on the weight and size of the hardware, as well as the load-bearing capacity of the stairs. Properly installed hardware stairs provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution for any building. By choosing quality hardware components and ensuring proper installation, you can create a safe and durable staircase that will provide years of use and enjoyment.


Clean and hidden seams and finishing
Laser Cutting technologies with the latest fabrication methods
Custom design and engineered structure to fit your house
Compatible with building Codes
10 Years Warranty


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Precision Laser cutting system with internal weld techniques

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