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Metal stairs Vs. Wood stairs: Which is best for building your staircase?

 home needs a staircase and an aesthetically-pleasing one, as a matter of fact! Architecturally, a staircase represents a home’s centerpiece and is considered the most dominant element in home interiors. Therefore efforts should be made to align it with the complete home’s aesthetics! But, this doesn’t mean anyone should put less emphasis on its functional this article we want talk about difference between Metal stairs and Wood stairs.

Homeowners are building modern stairs in Ontario and worldwide with the finest material available to them. The popular materials used in building residential staircases are metal and wood. But which one is better? This blog tells why.

Wood to Metal Stairs: The reasons behind the switch

Metal stairs are rising high tides with homeowners inclined to install them at homes to achieve modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, and several other stylish looks! Wood staircases had their days when people used to install them to achieve rustic and earthy vibes. With cross-culture mixing in residential and commercial interiors, people are bringing minimalist and sophisticated interiors to homes, which gives a neat look to their space.

Another reason is the sustainability that metal offers. Homeowners around the world have shifted to metal for three main benefits: 

  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Quietness

Let’s find out more about these benefits below.

Durability of Metal stairs and Wood stairs

In a physical battleship between metal and wood, metal will always win! A wooden staircase has an approximate strength of 2×6 sitting vertically, which is more than enough for most homes. But, compared to metal, the strength is far less. The power makes the metal staircase sturdy and safe.

Quietness of Metal stairs and Wood stairs

Noise is an issue with a wooden staircase. And you will relate to this, especially if you live in a dry climate. Another con of wood is that it changes its property with changing seasons and temperature. For instance, during winters, wood shrinks and creates noise as you walk on them. On the other hand, metal stays steady and does not create noise when people walk over them.


With a metal staircase, you can experiment at your will. Simply put, a metal staircase can be made with many finishes and accents (wood steps & handrail caps). The different materials give the accent a different look. For example, wood looks more natural than metal. Fabric can be any color, so it can match the room‘s decor. This means that the inside of the house is decorated with a metal rod that goes up the stairs, and is topped with either wood, stone, or glass. It helps interior decor enthusiasts to achieve a very chic contemporary home style. This perk is in addition to an unsurpassable strength! 

The only downside of choosing a metal staircase over the wooden one is that it costs more money. A metal staircase costs you four times more than a low-cost wooden one.

Metal stairs and Wood stairs

Which interior design styles include metal staircases?

To answer it straight, many interior designs use metal. It can be contemporary interior design, art moderne interior design, eclectic interior design, or industrial interior design—to name a few.

The final verdict!

It is more than apparent that metal wins the battle! The benefits of metal over wood make it more desirable for homeowners, given the budget is not an issue. Wood is good, but it may require constant servicing to function efficiently.

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