Deslo Stairs

Handrail wood

Award Winning Stairs Company in Canada
Modern Handrail and Stairs

    Stringer width 12″ (inside)
    Stringer thickness 1/2″ steel plate
    Estimated weight per step 50 lbs
    Recommended step’s thickness 1 5/8″ to 2″
    Step’s width 54″ maximum
    Option Screw cover for stringer mounting plate
    Available colors ACV, BU, BW, CM, CU, GU, MU, NT, NU
  • Painted steel stringer (powder paint).
  • For other colors, contact our customer service department.
  • Available for winder treads or a landing (a mechanical coupling is required).
  • Fasteners included.
  • A reinforcement is necessary at all times. Please refer to reinforcements suggested by Prestige Metal.
  • In conformity with the National Building Code.
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