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Complete Guide to Installing Stairs

The Complete Guide to Installing Stairs, Steel Stringer Wood Stairs Railings, & Handrail Hardware

What Are Steel Stringer Stairs?

Steel stringers are a type of stair construction that is composed of steel instead of wood. Steel stringers feature a more sturdy and durable overall design, making them a great choice for any household staircase application. In addition to providing strong and reliable support for your stairs, steel stringer construction also provides an attractive modern aesthetic.

The Benefits of Installing Steel Stringer Stairs

Installing steel stringer stairs offers many benefits over traditional wooden construction. Steel is able to withstand heavier weights than wood can, so you can be sure that your staircase will last years without any structural issues due to sagging or warping caused by heavy foot traffic or weathering.

In addition, the sleek look of steel stringers will add a modern touch to any home’s interior design. Furthermore, it is much easier to install steel stringers since they come pre-engineered and require less work than wooden materials do on installation day.

How To Install Steel Stringer Wood Stairs

Installing steel stringer stairs is a relatively straightforward process that can be completed with minimal tools and materials. First, you’ll need to measure out the space in which you’ll be constructing the steps and decide how many steps are needed for your particular project. Next, cut the required number of steel pieces from their base sheet using an angle grinder equipped with an abrasive wheel attachment.

After this step has been completed, each piece needs to be welded together securely at each connection point before being placed into position in the staircase’s frame structure. With all connections secured together tightly in place via welding and other fastening techniques like self-tapping screws or nuts and bolts, the staircase should now have a strong support structure capable of supporting large amounts of weight safely and efficiently for years or even decades down the road!

Tips For Installing Your Own Wooden Railings And Handrail Hardware

Once you’ve installed your new stair’s steel stringer system you’ll then want to add railings and handrail hardware if desired.

To do this properly it’s best practice to start off by cutting 78″ long 2x4s into 4 equal parts (each part should measure 78 inches long) using either an electric saw or handsaw depending upon what kind of tool you have available at home (alternatively these boards may be purchased pre-cut as well).

Once done lay out those four pieces evenly spaced around your finished stair frame – screwing into place along each connection point on the frame as well as attaching them permanently in place with brackets underneath them (if applicable). Finally top off each railing post with decorative handrail hardware such as finials or spindles for added visual appeal – completing your entire project from start to finish!

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