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What are the Different Types of Staircase?

What are the Different Types of Staircase?

A staircase is a practical and decorative feature in many homes, but have you ever stopped to think about how many different types there may be? Whether it’s for aesthetic purposes or structural requirements, staircases come in various shapes, sizes and designs. In this article we will look at some of the most common varieties that can help give your home an interesting twist:

Straight Stairs

The simplest type of staircase design consists solely out of straight flights without any landings or curves. These stairs provide efficient use by taking up less space than winding variations; perfect for small hallways which don’t require extra support from additional walls etc.. Straight stairs also tend to be cheaper due to their simpler construction techniques since they usually involve fewer materials such as balusters – making them ideal if cost-effectiveness is important when designing/building one’s own flight.


Winder steps are typically used where tight turns need to made while ascending between two floors (orDescending). For example on spiral staircases where more room would otherwise not exist between each step transition instead because winders offer increased flexibility its possible ascend safely with minimal disruption towards existing architecture structures like door frames ekcetera throughout changes floor level height gaps faster!

Quarter Landing Steps

As opposed quartered landing methods these consist several individual segments connected together form 90° angle quarter turn corner before continuing onto next section either going higher lower depending what plan requires from end user during installation process plus importantly accommodate uneven levels ceilings too…

Circular & Helical

Circular helix styles popular choice circular well helically shaped curved edges adding visual appeal interior decorations whilst still providing same basic structure other abovementioned options albeit slightly differently constructed so take advantage smaller spaces limited access areas within property based upon preference ultimately create something unique artistic architectural statement piece residence itself ! . ⁠

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